What is Clean?

Many people have an incorrect understanding of what “clean” really means. Some professionals don’t understand the differences. Clean is about what you can see and sense BUT is also about what you can’t see. Cleanliness and public health are linked

Cleaning only removes surface debris

  • Moves microorganisms and dirt around but does not kill harmful bacteria, molds, or other toxic substances—it can reduce the numbers by wiping them away
  • Often uses toxic chemicals that are dangerous to the environment, users and those exposed to residues
  • Cleaning is an intermittent process often done by poorly trained workers

Disinfecting kills germs and microorganisms

  • Often uses toxic chemicals
  • Products are not usually applied correctly
  • Surface can be recontaminated quickly
  • Residual chemicals can be absorbed by skin and inhaled
  • Chemicals can damage surfaces
  • It is impractical to continually disinfect surfaces using wipes, spray on chemicals, etc.

Once a surface has been treated, can it be conventionally cleaned with commercial products?

Yes, all treated surfaces can be cleaned repeatedly with any customary non-abrasive detergents to clean the surface of dust, dirt, grime and organic matter without disturbing the “invisible” shield.

Are JSI products safe?

Yes. They are safe for the environment and the surfaces on which the products are applied. Our products are not poisonous, contain no toxic chemicals, or heavy metals or VOC’s. Our products are made with DTN-100, and carry a Level IV toxicity rating, which is the lowest level from the U.S. EPA.

What is JSI’s products Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) toxicity rating?

Our products have been defined by the EPA to have a toxicity rating of Level IV which requires following only precautionary statements on our product labels.

When JSI products are applied to glass or marble is there any visible coating?

No, if properly applied. If the product is overapplied, a slight white haze may be visible. This haze can be removed by wiping the surface with a hot lint-free towel. Doing so will NOT break down the coating.

When JSI 90 or 180 is applied on a surface how long should I wait before wiping the product?

You want to be sure that the products have a chance to fully bond to the surface to which is it being applied, so we recommend you let the product air dry for 30 to 60 minutes after the product has been sprayed onto a surface. Once fully dry, you can wipe down with a damp cloth if you wish.

Where can JSI’s product be used?

Our products are approved for use at home in the kitchen, bathroom, basement, and garage and commercially in fitness centers, daycare centers, offices, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, anywhere microbial growth may become evident.

Are JSI's products flammable or corrosive like alcohol-based products?

No, our products are neither flammable nor corrosive.

Where can JSI’s coating products be used?

On all of life’s surfaces, including porous and non-porous surfaces. JSI surface coating products are approved for use on direct food-contact items such as cutting boards, knives, and raw food material processing equipment.

Will JSI’s products stain floors, carpets, fabrics, wood, marble or other surfaces?

In general, no, but always spot test an inconspicuous area before full treatment as these are water-based products.

What is JSI’s Clean/Disinfect/Protect™ integrated program?

This program integrates our products in a plan to work together to control and manage harmful and destructive microorganisms where people live, work and play, all day, every day. This integrated program is effective on virtually any surface to remediate and control microbial growth 24/7/365.

What is JSI’s Disinfectant?

Our disinfectant is EPA registered as a hospital-grade disinfectant that kills a broad spectrum of 99.999% of disease-causing bacteria and viruses such as MRSA, H1N1, E.coli, etc, and can be used on direct food contact surfaces, and more.

What is JSI’s JSI90 Surface Treatment?

JSI90 creates an invisible coating on a surface that self-protects for up to 90 days while controlling the growth of surface damaging, odor-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew. JSI90 won’t readily wash off and works 24/7 to control microorganisms as noted.

What is JSI’s JSI180 Protectant Coating?

JSI180 is commercially applied using our proprietary electrostatic spray technology. Evidence based studies have demonstrated that its irreversible, invisible coating can last for a up to 6 months or more to inhibit the growth of surface damaging and odor-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew, depending upon use conditions.