At JSI safety is our top priority. The chemical applications we use are safe for you, your family, guests, and pets. They are non-toxic and safe for all areas of your home. Our products will not cause respiratory issues and have a combined chemical make-up of powerful antimicrobial coating and deodorizers that bond to the disinfected surface to create a continuously self-cleaning, invisible shield. Our surface treatment products do not poison bacteria and other microorganisms, but simply pierce their outer shell to destroy them. As an example, bleach poisons, while our products use a “sword-like” structure to physically destroy the microorganisms as they come in contact with the surface coating.

Our products are a clear coating when properly applied, that bonds to a surface at the molecular level, leaving a protected antimicrobial coating on the surface that can last up to six months or longer. This “self-cleaning” coating continuously controls surface damaging odor causing bacteria, fungi, algae, and mold by physically disrupting the target organisms through the EPA registered antimicrobial active ingredient in the product.

Our product is currently considered a Treated Article by the US EPA and is registered as a long-lasting disinfectant in several international markets.

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are available upon request.